3 Ways to gain leads from Instagram marketing

by | Nov 22, 2021

Whether small or large companies, Instagram marketing enables targeted target group
approach and direct communication with fans, followers and customers. Visual content is
becoming increasingly important in social media marketing. The reasons for this are obvious:
content that is visually prepared, it appeals to our senses, improves memory and can also
vividly present complex and confusing information and facts. In fact, our brain processes visual
information 60,000 times faster than text. 90% of the information that our brain absorbs is
therefore visual in nature. Brands and companies have recognized this trend and it is therefore
not surprising that Instagram marketing and thus hashtags in particular now play a key role in
digital marketing. What makes Instagram marketing so efficient? What advantages does it bring
and what do you have to consider in order to successfully achieve your social media marketing
goals? Most importantly, however, how can you gain leads from your Instagram?

  1. Search hashtags
    You should always interact with potential new leads. You can search relevant hashtags and find
    corresponding businesses. You can like, comment and even DM business and leads but don’t
    spam people. This will hinder your account. However, when you make interactions, they are
    more likely to see your posts first, if you follow each other. You should also use your hashtags
    so that people can find you! Try to use hashtags that are trendy with your customers or in the
    general community. Hashtags are also useful for keeping track of various Instagram campaigns
    or specifically searching for specific topics, complaints or problems.
  2. Use polls to get people engaging
    Instagram Stories offers endless possibilities for the use of the social network. Among the
    functions of Stories, there are also surveys and quizzes. These are very interesting elements
    with which you can easily get to know the opinion of other users. How do I use surveys in
    Instagram stories? It’s a very basic task. You ask your followers a question and give them two
    ways to answer it. If you have a public profile, any user can participate in the survey, except
    those that you have blocked for stories. To add a survey to one of your stories, you must first
    click on the camera icon in the upper left corner of the screen or slide your finger to the right.
    After that, you can take new pictures or publish photos that you already have in your gallery.
  3. Tag people in your posts
    The method of tagging is simple, but you should tag accounts carefully, as frequent tagging or
    tagging a meaningless post can disturb the author. To tag someone in your posts, all you have to do is enter @ and then enter the name of the respective account or accounts you want to tag. This is a great way to connect with influencers / brands / businesses / clients and more. If they are tagged, they are likely to like, comment or share.

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