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Marketing Services

I’m Emma Hannah Frew, owner of Breeze Connection, and I’d like to take a moment to tell how we help businesses grow on their terms.

Website Management

  • The creation and development of your company website, including all necessary monthly updates.

  • The management and maintenance of your website’s SEO rankings.

  • The creation, implementation and management of your company blog in order to support and improve SEO.

Social Media Management

  • Creative and technical management of feed and story posts.
  • This can include: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, Clubhouse, and any new, upcoming platforms.
  • Growth hacks to organically grow your social channels, with a strong focus on your target audience.
  • Management of incoming direct messages and comments. We can also add any high level leads or prospects to a CRM system which immediately alerts the appropriate member of your team by email.
  • Upkeep of your social channels, including any profile upgrades required.
  • Influencer and brand collaborations to help promote your business through competitions and interviews.

Paid Advertising

  • The creative and technical management of paid advertising across many platforms including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and more. This can also include re-targeted ads.
  • Depending on your package, we will advise on your ad spend by taking your marketing journey and goals into account.

Content Creation

  • Photography & videography shoots focused on gaining content for various aspects of your marketing from social media, paid advertising, your website and more!
  • Prior to each shoot, we prepare a content shoot plan which will be discussed with you beforehand to ensure you’re not only happy with the plan, but also prepared if you’re going to be involved.

Offline Marketing & PR

  • Offline marketing can be delivered in various creative ways to target your ideal customer. This could be in personalised packages delivered to your target audience, a traditional leaflet drop, or even management of events.
  • With PR we ensure your company appears in the relevant publications to build brand awareness or publicity to certain events.
  • Media can be in the form of radio, TV or various offline advertising such as billboards.

Email Marketing

  • Creative and technical management of email marketing campaigns.
  • Ensuring there are ways to build your email subscribers in a GDPR friendly way.

Business Support Management

  • Calls Management: Receiving all incoming calls during working hours. Our team are trained to manage requests as if they were your very own internal team.
  • Emails Management: Receiving all incoming emails. Our team are trained to manage your requests as YOUR team. This can also include preparation of quotes as they come in, adding leads to your CRM and converting them to sales.
  • Sales Management: Booking appointments for your sales team to maximise sales opposed to a sales team delivering administration based tasks.
  • Client Management: Management of your calls, emails, diary and sales appointments to ensure the maximum number of leads can be converted, your diary is full of qualified leads, your diary is managed effectively and your customers feel valued throughout their journey.

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